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all of my teeth, lacerated lip. >> good evening, i'm gist rosen field. jim vance is at the democratic convention. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the weather is once again causing big problems. president obama arrived in charlotte, but the threat of strong storms has forced organizers to move tomorrow's speech from the bank of america stadium to the much smaller time warner cable arena. former president bill clinton speaking tonight hoping to convince voters president obama deserves a second term. mick obama spoke directly to a very important group of voters, women.
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jim vance has more. >> reporter: many people are disappointed in the change in venue. not incidentally, many of them are women, and the women's vote is very important to the democrats this year. tom sherwood is here with more on that particular story. tom? >> this convention requires an equal balance of men and women as delegates. women here are a gig focus of this convention. whether it's 23irs lady michelle obama or women's fair pay national advocate lily ledbetter. >> women have faced discrimination, like i did, now can get their day in court. >> reporter: or thousands of female delegates. the democratic party is trying to exploit and expand polls that shows a gender gap with women favorite president obama over mitt romney. eileen filler-corn of
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springfield, virginia, battled antiabortion efforts last winter. >> all these extreme social issues and bills came before us, bills that stripped rights away from women. women matter, women have rights, women deserve, you know, equal pay. >> the first lady -- >> ann holter cain is the daughter of with unvirginia governor and the wife of another. >> as a military mom, ms. mcbride, who introduced the first lady, just really warmed my house. >> sandra flufke -- >> i'm interested to hear what she has to say. it was a shame she got shouted down trying to present a point of view. a lot of women need and to contraception, not just for bifrt control, but because of conditions that they have. >> reporter: dodds it as a war on women?
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>> i think if not a war, certainly a disregard to women. >> reporter: now, the most famous female in the democratic party in the entire world is not at this convention. hillary clinton, secretary of state, is in asia. i checked out why? she's not snubbing the president, there's a federal law that the secretary of state can't engage in a political convention. >> somebody who is supposed to actually be above politics? >> it's extraordinary. i can't imagine what hillary clinton would do here. bill clinton speaking tonight will be something, but if hillary clinton. >> how about the if the two came out together? that would take it over the top. another important vote is that of black americans. that went to barack obama by huge margins, but that's not necessarily a given this november. we'll have more on that later.
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paul ryan says bill clinton's speech at the dnc will talk about the '90s and very little about the last four years. he made that prediction earlier today at a campaign event in iowa. ryan also spent time highlighting the differences he sees between obama and clinton. mentioning that. >> rain may have damaged the spirits down in north carolina, and we may see more rain around here. doug kammerer is here with a look at conditions. >> hi, doreen. some pretty nice conditions out there right now. it's a fairly nice evening across the area. take a look at the radar. this is in southern portion, there's also a bit of a boundary right in here through northern delaware. that boundary does extend to the west. the only one right now is this
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one down to the south of warrenton. this is right around the remington area, and then 15 back towards culpepper, very heavy rain associated with it. we are finally see some rain moving east. and that storm will continue to move off toward the east. another boundary back to the west. this one has a lot of thunderstorm activity. that is yet another front. i'll tell you what, both these fronds will mean to us in the next couple days and what's coming up f this weekend. thanks, doug. there have been two violent robberies on capitol hill in just the past couple weeks, while police are investigating if these crimes are linked, another robbery is coming forward. jackie bensen is in, where jack jackie? >> reporter: there are mo cops on the streets as a result of these crimes, but some -- many in this neighborhood feel even
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more niece to be done. i was walking home from lunch. had, you know, a bag of food, and somebody came behind me and the medics said they had a brick. >> reporter: for 27-year-old capitol hill resident matthew marriott, news reports about the tragic robbery and beating of t.c. maslin, have brought up memory. the same thing the suspects were apparently after. >> the gentleman who was assaulted f what more do you want? >> mar yet wonders if he pushed
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it further if police explained his attack. >> i wish i had done something more when i got mugged to get more word out this was happening. we love our community, love our neighborhood. we have neighbors that are really good friends, but, you know something is going on. >> reporter: and he says he'll be here if t.c. needs to talk. >> just hang in there. it's going to be tough going, but it's all worth it? it's the great thing. we have such a great neighborhood. >> reporter: the robbie and assault remains unsolved. reporting live in the capitol hill neighborhood, jaxxie benson, news4. a section offender is under arrest. 47-year-old daniel loving from warrenton, virginia, police say he exposed himself to in
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brs to. she was jogging on a trail. this happened august 11th. he's due in court on friday. 12-year-old boy charged with beating his 2-year-old foster ser to death admitted a plead, concedes there's enough evidence for conviction. he's charged as a juvenile with involuntary manslaughter. back in july he father called from their home in ft. washington, because the little girl wasn't moving. in hobbit the court will decide whether he should be kept in custody or released to his parents. by the end of the week, a but,stretch of constitution avenue could be much safer. crews started removing large damaged trees today. maryland highway officials are concerned the elm trees could fall on drives or petitions. the tree removal will be done between 9:00 in the morn and 3:00 in the afternoon. a southeast washington man claims that d.c. police violated his constitutional rights. he filed a lawsuit today
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accusing an officer of taking his smartphone after he shot video of what he believed to be police misconduct, as chris gordon records, the alleged incident happened one day after and the cameras will no longer be confiscated. >> the officer reaches over my shoulder and snatches my phone. >> reporter: he says he was waiting for a bus to pick up his daal from day near near the intersection of mlk and raleigh, when he saw a police cruiser hit a motorcycle. then he says police officers started hitting a rider who was on the ground bleeding. >> he knocked him off the, and basically were getting vengeance. >> reporter: the over threat independence to arrest him and lock him up immediately. staly says he was told he could re-claim his camera at the 7th
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district police headquarters. he says when he finally got it because, the s.i.m. memory card had been removed. he believes it was disposed of or destroyed. >> about three years of pictures of my daughter, she's about to turn 4 years in a couple days. >> reporter: the federal lawsuit was filed today again the district of columbia, saying they violated staly's constitutional rights. it was filed by the american civil liberties union. >> it's ironic this happened one day after the police department issued a new general 0rd reminding the troops people have a right to photograph you. if people are taking your picture, don't stop them. you definitely can't take their camera. >> reporter: we asked the metropolitan police department to comment, they referred us to the d.c. office of the attorney general. we were told the city lawyers have not fully reviewed this federal complaint and will file an answer as required by law.
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at 7th district police headquarters, chris gordon news4. that lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money and scut the district to return mr. staly's smartphone memory card. a tsunami scare in the heart of the caribbean. there was a deadly attack dural during a political victory speech, but the real targets remains a mystery. a swimmer was attacked by
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people who live in costa rica are bracing for aftershocks as a devastating earthquake. it hit the northwestern coast beloy the nicoya peninsula. three people are confirmed dead, 20 others hurt. strong tremors were felt 90 miles away? the capital city of san jose. a tsunami warning issued for the area was later canceled. the u.s. secretary of state is in beijing. she had tough words for china over that nation's policy. they both have vetoed several united nations measures against syria. hillary clinton told officials their actions frustrate the u.s. the eun secretary-general is accusing iran of sending weapons
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to the syrian government. mean wheels conditions inside syria are getting worse every day, with tens of thousands flees of country. in canada, authorities are trying to figure out what motivated a man to open fire during a rally for the newly elected premier. there are details about why the new premier may have been targeted. >> reporter: it was the sight of a victory party, not a makeshift millenniumian, but something that's shocked the province and the country. investigators are piecing together just what happened. >> at this point we can't establish whether or not ultimately the elected premier was a target, because we cannot at this point, if you want, we can't push aside this theory. >> reporter: these images are playing over and over against now, the new bhi elected premier in the midst of her speech,
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officers whisking her off the stage, and the confusion that follows. >> i was just right in front of her. i was like, what's going on? i thought it might have been a special effect or something like that. >> reporter: but meters around a gunman. police say he was carrying two weapons, and just outside the back door of the billing -- another man in his 20s was injured. the man allegedly set off a fire at the back door before police tackled the suspect, wearing a bathrobe, and balance balance clavella. -- an act of democracy was met with an act of violence. right now people in south louisiana are working to save more than 1,000 cattle stranded by hurricane isaac.
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floodwaters killed hundreds in plaquemines parish last week. officials are working to round up survivors. crews went out in airboats to push the cows to higher land. the state has been feeding them until they can sort out who they morning to. a seven-foot boa constrictor will be up for adoption soon. official found the snake at a shopping center. officials say the snake is in need of medical attention, but will be ready for a loving home very soon. one was just petting the snake in the first part of that video. >> no thanks. >> very brave. >> as long as it's in the box, it can't hurt you. >> as long as it's a picture on the tv, that's about as close as i want. a break from the rain? >> for most of us. most of us will stay dry this evening. i think that is very good news.
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should be good. still you can't rule out a shower, but you can see the washington monument in the background. it is gorgeous right now. temperatures are on the warm side, got up to 90 degrees again today. i think we've got a couple more 90s to come. you know it's warm, and you know it's rather humid. sitting right now at 85 degrees, the duped still at 71. humidity way up there above 60%, and winds out of the southwest. 88 in winchester, 89, 73 in cup pepper, you can tell where the rain is. but also the heat index. and there's that 90 in washington. we're going to deal with this heat and humidity throughout the rest of the evening. just know it's going to be a bit muggy. as far as the rain is concerned, here's really the only area of
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rain down to the south. i have to watch this. see this boupdry right here? this is a boundary, if you extend it off to the west, still has portions of montgomery county, a few more showers trying to develop to the north. so we cannot rule out a shower just yet, though right now, it's looking okay. here's where the heavy rain is, in eastern portions of culpepper county. an area of rain. this has been very heavy rain. and now an kelly's ford, and then over toward summerville, so heads up for you folks. there's also lightning and thunder, nothing severe here. but with this, the biggest concern is going to be the rain. >> as we widen out, two boundaries. this one back to the west, this has big-time this morning. both moving to the south, so here's one and here's true.
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as they move through tomorrow will be in between them. so i think most of the activity should stay south and east, and back towards the mountains, but the d.c. area, i think for the most part will be -- on friday, the second one will move on through. still warm, still a bit on the humid side, but humidity will start to come down a bit on friday afternoon. that's good news, but right now i'm forecasting friday to be around 93. something else we're watching an extremely busy tropical season. 14 or 15 named storms, we're looking at our sixth hurricane. then we have -- we have tropical more michael. that one's not even coming close. leslie, however, is going to have a direct impact on places like bermuda, and here's washington, here's leslie way down to the south and east. it's expected to strengthen into a category 2 by the time it
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comes close to bermuda, and i do mean very close. if you have anybody taking a cruise, you may want to give them a call. could be near bermuda by friday afternoon, into the day on sunday very rough serve. you want to keep your heads-up. dry for most of us, especially south and east, temperatures 81 to about 85. tomorrow morning there could be areas of fog, but right now i think it will be a nice morning, not quite as muggy as it has been tomorrow afternoon. possible storms, well to the south and east, back towards the mountains, so a hot day tomorrow, and we get even hotter on friday. then we think the game changer, and then one is going to change in a big way. most of sunday looking good, and then just some really, really
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nice weather coming in early next week. i think some areas may even flirt with upper 40s for lows next week. >> something to look forward to. >> thanks, doug. more coverage from the democratic national convention, how the county executive is helping to target the black votes. i'm darcy spencer in ash burn, virginia, where there's a controversial proposal. coming up in sports, who would have thunk it? ed nationals and orioles both in if i were as objects creeping closer. in the nfl, robert griffin iii gets ready for his first taste of
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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le woman's attacker is a beaver. tony tull explains. >> i'm gotten a few beaver jokes, suggestions.
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>> reporter: all you need to do is put in the hash tack "beaver" but in falls church it's a matter they would rather dam of quickly. >> i understand it was a rather large beaver, so the thought that the beaver might be rabid takes the humor out of it. >> reporter: tuesday evening an unidentified woman not a residence of lake barcroft was swimming in the lake when she was bitten multiple times by a large beaver. >> this was someone nearby, who saw what was happening, got to shore, struck the beaver with a branch and struck it until it was in sort of a daze. >> reporter: she was assisted by two fishermen who brought her to this point until they stayed with her when medical personnel arrived. >> animal control arrived on scene.
6:27 pm
>> reporter: as of this afternoon, the beaver has tested for rabies, but take a look at this. on the lake barcroft website, a beaver harassment strategy. >> the only thing i know about beaver harassment that we have any materials on -- but i'm not an expert with everything on our website -- has to do with protecting trees and bushes down by the water from beavers. >> reporter: in falls church, tony tull, news4. montgomery county police are trying to track down three vandals. police just released new surveillance pictures. suspects caught trying to open car doors in the neighborhood. police say they got into at least nine cars. they were all left unlocked. police say they're also responsible for a few bike thefts as well and vandalizing mailboxes. two men attack on capitol hill. police are investigating whether the attacks are linked. now another man says he was
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robbed and beaten in this same ashe last fall. he wonders if he was targeted by the man who could be behind the most recent attacks. change of plans, president obama will deliver tomorrow night's acceptance speech inside. the threat of bad weather forced organizers to move it into the much smaller time warner cable arena. tens of thousands will not now be able to attend. it's good news for the party, but it may not be such good news for black voters. jim vance is live in charlotte with one local democrat's take on that issue. hey, jim. >> reporter: hi, doreen, the labor vote and the black vote have been reliably democratic for years, but some would lament that they've been in the
6:29 pm
democrats' pockets. others would disagree. a lifelong democrat, but he is not concerned about being taken for granted. >> in prince george's county, we talk about it a lot, of being taken advantage of and taken for granted, but in the end we come around to the democratic party, because our interests are served there. i think if you look at what this president has done and the democratic party, we vote our interests rrm baker says those interests now for many are about survival, not presidential politics. >> i have to be honest, i was concerned probably about a couple months ago with the fact that it was, everybody is worried about their homes, their economy, their jobs, and you didn't see the enthusiasm that you saw four years ago. people are looking and saying i think because unfortunate republican party, quite honestly, they're looking at the alternative with romney and ryan and think say, you know what?
6:30 pm
we need to get enthused, because we could lose this. because of that another leading democrat says this is not the time to relax or take anything for granted. baker is a leader and very successful politician. does she have solutions or suggestions on what to do? >> well, nobody knows exactly what to do, but one of the things that baker and areas all over the country are doing is amounting aggressive voter drives. black and white democrats are engaged in such drives, but not only in the county. they're taking the struggle to virginia, and pennsylvania, two places definitely not reliably democratic. we're glad to see you got the headphones. it was getting loud in there last night. >> even with the headphones it gets loud. thanks, doreen. see you at 11:00.
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bill clinton is the big attraction. brian williams spoke one on one with the former president about his role in helping to reelection president obama. >> why barack needs bill? why do you think he needs bill? what do you have to offer? >> really don't know. i've always been mystified by that. i was honored when he asked me to nominate him. i hope what i can do, because we did have a good economy, because we did have the longest expansion in history, is explain why i think his approach is right and it will pay off if we renew his contract, explain why the economy he faced was much weaker and different than the one i faced, so that there's no way any president, no president, could have restored it to full health in just four years. >> you can see the entire interview with bill clinton tonight with brian williams
6:32 pm
right after this newscast. rob kropeka will take a seat after a special election yesterday. president republican came in second, justin malkin had more than 4 with respect. the board that governs d.c.'s two major airports is changing policies in response to a federal audit and questions about excessive travel spending. there are new rules now. there are also limits on how much travel can cost. the board terminated the contra contract. just after leaving her position on the board. >> stepping up to address all issues that have been raised
6:33 pm
through policy first, through practice second, and then holding people accountable to them. >> another board meeting is scheduled for later this month where more ethics policies will be discussed. there's a controversyial question that needs an answer in loudoun county. could officials spray incent cried this fall to kill the ticks that cause lyme disease? at the center of the debate is where the incorrect cried will be sprayed. >> reporter: lyme disease is a growing problem. just ask kathy mir mir. >> meyer says he supports a recommendation by the commission to spray an incent cried on the perimeter of county parks and element tear schools. >> you have kids coming home from school with ticks on them.
6:34 pm
it's about time. it's irresponsible not to do it. >> reporter: there are more than 200 confirmed cases of the disease here in louting lost year allot. that's why official declared lyme deawareness year. >> the commission is handled by dr. shore. >> it's the periphery of athletic fields, the periphery of school yards, where children may wander through their plays that is at highest risk. >> reporter: dr. short acknowledges some may be concerned about spraying mere where kids play and learn, but he says the risks is low. >> that small targeted risk has to be balanced against the risk of our children and our citizens contracting this disease. >> some parents we spoke to generally support praying, but with reservations. they want to be convinced it won't harm their children. >> it's good as long as it's
6:35 pm
safe for their kids, too. obviously to not deal with the ticks is wonderful, but if there's chemical reactions for the kids, that's a definite down side. so kind of mixed emotion on that. >> reporter: the lyme disease commission is to vote on the recommendation it's made to the board of supervisors at a public meeting tonight. darcy spencer, news4. the commission is recommending that spraying begin next month. coming up a real impact on the life in the league for professional sports players. ever thought about a mcdonald's with no burger? there's a new fast-food option. >> what's up with the weather? >> a few stores out there, some of whichsh quite heavy. we're not quite down with the st
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2012 is on track to be the worst year for the disease. nearly 2,000 cases have been reported, and 87 people have died from west nile virus. experts predict the numbers will continue to rise. texas being hit the hardest.
6:39 pm
it comes as regular season kicks in. more than 3,000 former nfl place have sued. >> that comes on the heels of yet another study. the research done tess national institute found that nfl players are three times more likely to die from diseases like alzheimer's or lou gehrig's deese. researcher studied 3,000 players who played professionally for at least five years. mission accomplished, after a six-hour space walk without
6:40 pm
the fix there was the possibility of of a power shutdown, and that could have ruined several science experiments already in the works. not to mention really inconvenient. >> dan's here with a look for what's coming up in sports. >> just a couple winning baseball teams. fuls talking tennis, andy
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mellow, everybody. i want to show you what's going on. here's the capitol, here's the potomac. we're looking at clouds, and they're starting to get some vertical assent. we could be seeing a few showers starting to develop. we'll continue to watch out for those. temperature right now 85, winds out of the southwest at about 10 miles per hour. dew point very warm and humid.
6:44 pm
here's the current radar. you saw those clouds as we were looking toward the north, this boundary right in here, you can see it from dover all to baltimore, and a few showers starting to kick off. tack a look at this storm, a lot of lightning associated wi this one. this is just to the east of remington. this is right along 17 nears the hartwood area, right here at 17 very heavy rain, and southern portions of fauquier county, and trend extreme eastern portions. if you're in this area, heads up. it is move down towards heartsford, and it does have the potential for heavy rain. so watch out for that. another front at boundary back to the west. so yes, we could see another
6:45 pm
round of at least a few showers. tomorrow we get on the warm side, with only a slight chance of a shower, but it will be rather shot. now to sports with somebody i don't even think i've seen in the newsroom in the past two months. did doug say something? >> i lost it in the earpiece. >> he had the audacity to take a couple days off. >> good you have to you here in the studio. >> you've been gone for years! >> it's good to see doreen back. and a lot to talk about.
6:46 pm
that's to be expected. we could be expected, brandon mer i weather wil not be on the field. he sprained his knee and will be out two to four weeks. robert griffin iii making his regular season debut in his parents' hometown, and he tried to remain even-keeled. he looked solid during the preseason, but yes, now it counts. only a skoesh of the redskins, but the skins have been working on special offensive packages to utilize rg3's unique skill set. >> i'm definitely looking forward to seeing how some of the stuff we do work out. the coaches say just go out and play and have fun. rather than trying to show --
6:47 pm
>> there's pressure on everybody. i don't think there's anybody who doesn't have butterflies. that's what you look for. what a great challenge for us. >> yeah, to say the least. so walking out of redskins park this morning i hear d'angelo hall and a couple other place comparing fat sill football lineups. giants and cowboys kick it off right here on news4, 8:30. some of the skins will be watches. >> probably not. i'm going to be more focused on watching film and making sure that we're prepared to face the new orleans saints? >> reporter: not even a peek? >> i'm sure i'll hear the box scores and text messages through the game. >> reporter: are you going to
6:48 pm
wash tonight's game? >> yeah, sure. >> reporter: as a fan or future opponent? >> i don't even know when we play the giants or cowboys. somewhere far down the road. >> reporter: it's a way. >> i wish they both could lose. >> what game is on tonight. >> reporter: really? >> i honestly don't know. when it comes to -- i know our schedule, and that's all you get from me, and i zone out on everything else. >> so we believe that? >> no, they'll be checking on the fantasy lineups. >> it is funny to hear the players talk about their own fantasy teams. man, i have matthew stafford, i'm going to get a ton of point! to baseball now, givity o gonzalez going for his 18th. last night just an offensive explosion the the nationals tied a franchise record with six home
6:49 pm
runs, and every starter got a hit. davey johnson may not like the fact that strasburg is being shut down, but he like the offense. he continues his career year, it's a two-run job. big nice for decente. adam laroche also getting in on the long ball. just mashing this season. two home runs in the game. he now has 27 on the years. fifth most in the national league. the nationals now lead the n.l. east by 7 1/2 games. that's could you. >> everybody in our lineup is capable of going out in ballparks. we're in a pretty good place
6:50 pm
right now offensively. we haven't had the lineup very long. sfasing adam lind, and gets him to go down swinging. top five, mark reynolds at the plate. four home runs in the last five games. the oar goals win bailing. baltimore now tied atop the a.l. east. lips quiver, tears weld up and fans cheered as andy roddick's career came to an end this afternoon. roddick, the last american man for win a grand slam, and also
6:51 pm
the last american man to stay standing. roddick was hoping to stave off retirement a little longer. this match seemingly went on forever. roddick lost the next two says. in the fourth, serving, a little back and forth, and andy comes up with a nice shot right there. we fast-forward to match point. roddick just can't keep things alive. he falls in four sets. that is a career, and what a career it has been for andy rod inns, the best american tennis player over the last decade. >> it's been a road, a lot of ups, a lot of downs. i know i certainly have made it easy for you at times, but i --
6:52 pm
i really do appreciate it and love you guys with all my heart. >> it does, it make me feel old. when i worked in west palm beach, i took serves as a 6-year-old in his backyard. he used to come in and be a guest in studio on our sunday night show. just a great kid. he'll be missed. >> there's nobody in the pipeline for american men's tennis. my son is 25. he's going to start playing soon. >> thanks, dan. another reason for maryland to be proud
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6:55 pm
customers day sheer loving it, and some mcdonald's restaurants are actually going vegetarian. some mcdonald's restaurants in india already selling a burger made with a potato patty. coming up tonight after
6:56 pm
football, assessing the damage, a new report tallies the cost of a train derailment. also reports that someone stole copies of mitt romney's tax returns. now the secret service is on the case. plus a george town grand student with a big role in tonight's dnc. those stories after nfl kicks off. a couple storms out there. we have the one storm we've been talking about in southern fauquier county, and getting close to the fredericksburg area. that boundary just north of washington. very close, make either way off toward the east. can't rule out a shower, so you want to make sure you keep those umbrellas handy. tomorrow 92, 93 on your friend. this weekend, yeah, chance of rain, but late on saturday, early sunday, and then what i think could be the nicest stretch of weather we have seen so far.
6:57 pm
a game changer weather? >> game changer, that's right. thank you, doug. maryland continues to reign. they served up the 300-pound dish at the maryland state far. the results are in the guinness book of world record. the restaurant broke its own record of 253 pounds. 200 pounds of crab, eggs and seasoning took after they weighed it, it was divided up into 580 crab cake sandwiches. how much filler, and that takes it out of -- the home of these massive foods. last night, what was it, burger? >> crab cakes and football, that's what maryland does. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you again at 11:00. have a heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying bs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.

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